Why Solar

Solar powered electrical system is a feature that every home owner should consider. The benefits are incredible, particularly the cost savings and impact on the environment. You drastically reduce or even completely eliminate your electric bills. However, there are certain factors that can make homes ideal (or not) for installing a solar power system. Consider these factors when deciding whether or not you should have a solar power system installed in your home:

Your roof is in good condition, or ample compound space: Solar panels often last 25 years or more. Roofs can last that long as well, but aged roofs may need to be accessed before the solar panels are ready to be replaced as well. This can make repairing or replacing an old roof more difficult. If the roof is really old, we discuss various options with clients including ground solar installations.

You own your home: If you own your own home, what are you waiting for? This is best for you! , For non-home owners, we provide rack installed solar panels which can be easily removed.

You buy and install from a Reliable dealer: This is the most important factor and this is where we come in. it’s best to buy from dealers with a verified track record. Your solar electric system or Photovoltaic (PV) system needs to be sized, sited, installed, and maintained correctly to achieve optimal performance. It is best to have a professional solar contractor install your system. Solar power is not cheap, do your homework and choose a good dealer. We are happy to provide you our easily verifiable clients list. We guarantee our installation and provide you with great after sales service, but don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients!

Benefits of inverters over generators

Inverters are noise-free unlike generators.

Power inverters offer zero emission.

Doesn’t require fuel or diesel which is expensive and can be very scarce.

Uninterrupted power supply as our inverters are fully automated saving you the inconvenience of change over switches as with generators.

Offer lower running cost all you need is to charge your battery.

Although solar power inverters have huge purchase cost, the recurrent cost is low. In the long run, solar powered systems are cheaper than generators and the national grid. Why spend more on diesel and fuel??

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